Good systems with good follow-through are the basis for finding issues in their infancy. And we all have good systems, yet issues occur. To focus on the cause is what we all look for, but is the real cause hidden, only to reappear again? 

So what does PBC Consulting bring to the table?

>>Over 30 years of company growth and national expansion. He is someone who knows the worth of critical, honest straight talk; someone who knows why you have to walk the talk, values ongoing relationships, and knows why they are worth so much.

Are you are having issues with profitability, customer retention, expansion, contraction, your key management group, claims, banking, bonding, a new profit center, credible financial reporting, forecasting your financial future? We are here to help!


Over 30 Years' of experience:

  • Energy lighting conservation expert

  • Construction program manager
  • Sales generation >$265M in national sales and regional growth
  • Facilitating new designs, driving sales, and developing business partnerships
  • Team management through diligent nurturing and empowerment
  • Proven ability to identify project opportunities and deficiencies, applying vast purchasing and product knowledge
  • Developmental experience in local and national markets; designing campaigns and think tanks to better processes
  • Project Value Engineering; budgeting through evaluation.